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Willem Timmermans, business owner Act2Prevent.

My name is Willem Timmermans, physiotherapist,Personal & Lifestyle Trainer and certified in Applied Functional Science (GIFT 2010). It is my goal to create a strong 'interdisciplinary team' for which priorities are engagement, quality and service

Act2Prevent - 3D Movement Specialist - FAFS
Creator of the soccer -DVD: 'injury prevention and strength-training by mobility and flexibility'

My story:

Physiotherapy Studies:
During my Physiotherapy studies it soon became clear that this was not the content I had chosen. I hoped, as a physiotherapist graduate, to bring added value to the health of others; but the applications I had learned didn't give me the impression I was adding value. I'm referring to the use of electro-therapy, ultrasonic therapy, short wave therapy, massage, heat / cold applications, classic exercises, etc.
I still feel that these applications might work for a minority of cases; but I could have learned that probably in a few weeks / months only. At that time I was already mainly interested in efficiency and focus, and I missed this big time during my studies so it still feels like I've lost way too much time. Eventually it turned out that even the content, which I always assumed to be universal (anatomy, biomechanics, ...), was not up to date and was not with respect to reality. We know now that there is a huge difference between the function of muscles as we have learned at that time (table top anatomy ) and the 'functional anatomy' based on the function of muscles in a living / moving person. The same applies to the biomechanics. We now understand that the foot has an impact on the shoulder and vice versa while during my studies we approached it very locally (feet separately, knees separately, hips ...).

The added value of a diploma:
Still today, we all highly value the 'paper document' which guarantees quality. Well, with my experiences (and disappointments) in obtaining my diploma, I have a somewhat different idea. Since I had chosen to help people I immediately went looking for further studies. When we complete our studies we often intend to stop studying (like studying is a necessary thing, a mandatory process that should be put to an end as soon as possible) and proceed with the next step in our lives: work / gathering income.
Let's turn around the 'mass mind' and let's start studying when most others quit (after graduation). Which 40-year-old therapist or trainer would you prefer?
One who has achieved the paper document at age 23 and only worked without further studies since then? Or one that has no document at age 23; but who is combining work with study and is aware of the latest developments and skills?
Whatever you choose, I chose to combine both principles and complete my diploma with annual refreshers and courses.
Because Act2Prevent prefers constant study compared to (good or bad) choices people have made years ago, our team primarily consists of people who breathe 'personal development' daily and who are willing to invest in themselves and their future.

My training program:
My studies, and I know it sounds a bit crazy, only began after receiving my diploma because it looked like I was lacking a number of skills and efficiency. The advantage was that I could make a specific selection in terms of my interests, qualities and deficiencies. The level of training was often good; however I always had the idea of missing 'the complete picture. Still, it gave me a good feeling to work on the pieces, each of which would be part of the whole. When I in 2003, as one of the 1st in Belgium, started as a Personal Trainer another world opened: one of exercises and movements.
In my job as a Personal Trainer I got in touch with a lot of information in English which was more extensive and more in detail so it felt a little odd that this was not part of my Physiotherapy studies. Because I quickly became a Personal Training instructor myself, I got in touch with the world leaders in movements, training and rehabilitation.
During my journey from 2003 to 2008 there was relatively little movement (figuratively) and variation in my professional activities until I got a hold of the information of Gary Gray and his institute. The development of 'functional training' rumbled through my job situation like an avalanche, both as a trainer and an instructor. Until 2008 I was, in retrospect, an upgraded fitness instructor who could bring added value by my extensive experience, nutrition studies and Lifestyle Training.

Gary Gray and the Gray Institute:
I was immediately tackled by the 'functional' virus and went searching for more articles and audio recordings of Gary Gray. When, at a convention in England (2009), some of the big names in the fitness industry were referring to Gary Gray as the 'father of function', ... it became very clear to me. That man is an international leader in physiotherapy, training and rehabilitation ... and if I wanted to continue to grow, that was the place to be.
In 2009, I took the decision to participate in GIFT2010, a one year program at the Gray Institute in Adrian (USA). So far the best course ever in injury prevention, performance training and rehabilitation.
It was such an enriching experience for me, even on human level, that I am flying again 3 times to the USA this year (2011) to participate in the PCM program, a follow-up of GIFT with the intent to teach the 'Applied Functional Science' (AFS) material myself and to support and guide the GIFT 2011 students.
My next step is to present 'Healthy Hamstrings' at the Applied Functional Science symposium in Chicago in October 2011.
Next to that we have implemented this know-how and tools in making our soccer DVD 'Injury Prevention and Strength Training by Mobility and Flexibility' and we apply it in all our educational programs, demo training sessions, presentations and accompaniments.

What makes 'Applied Functional Science' so special? Or what is the difference between the physiotherapy and medicine as we know it today?
The base is a detailed knowledge of the biomechanics of the body, how everything is linked together and how the different parts of the body affect each other. Then we are only talking about the bones/joints, muscles and nervous system.
The principles of AFS give us better insights into how muscles (functional anatomy) and joints (chain reaction) really function during movement, taking into account gravity, ground reaction forces, momentum, position of the body, ...
Once we have the motion analysis (screening/assessment), it's our ultimate goal to detect and tackle compensations in the body. This allows you to work on injury prevention, performance training (avoiding energy leaks) and 'functional' rehabilitation (according to the functioning of the body). In other words a causal approach (which has its merits in e.g. chronic injuries and relapse) instead of a symptomatic approach (medication, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, cortisone, surgery). There are too many people who keep on relapsing in injuries or physical discomfort because the cause is not sought or found. Statements like: 'You will have to live with it', 'You're sensitive to injury' or 'You'll have to quit your passion' are often avoidable or inappropriate and are only valid after an extensive 'causal' inspection and guidance. Once we can break the cause-effect connection, it appears that this person can function perfectly, can sport, remains pain-free, ...
Applied Functional Science takes into account how the nervous system works and will always try to provide logic signals to our proprioceptors. Therefore, the manipulations (FMR = Functional Manual Reaction) will always be performed from a logical movement and rarely or even never from an unnatural position. For this reason, a detailed knowledge of the movements of our muscles and joints is essential, for example how will lumbar segment 4 move with respect to lumbar 5 in a golf swing of a right-handed golfer.

The Fat Decimator System

The more I know the more stupid I feel!
Now I've followed courses at the Gray Institute, I realize how much I do not know and how much can be still developed. For that reason we mainly keep on working on the relevant things that can improve our coaching. We have a solid base from which we depart and on which we further build our programs and products. It amazes me time after time how much good information is still not rippled into our society and we are more than happy to share our knowledge!

Personal development
We love to grow more and more! That's why we take courses each year and get out of our comfort zone. The courses are not always related to business or profession but also include diving lessons, learning another language, golfing lessons,...
Personal development is our passion and it ensures that we keep up our level of enthusiasm, similar to a small child who gets its enthusiasm from daily discoveries and new experiences.
Adults often lose their enthusiasm as they stop learning, stop discovering new things, new skills.
Personal development and its benefits have inspired us to create the concept 'Transform yourself to an athlete' where athletes develop themselves in the things they need to become or remain top, both inside and outside their sports or discipline. In this way they are less dependent on others and have more tools to improve their development.

Every contact with us is an education for you!
Our mission.

Diony Klokkari

Act2Prevent - 3D Personal Trainer / Movement Specialist / FAFS

Diony is our newest Act2Prevent-teammember and will represent Greece and Cyprus, because she is currently living in Cyprus. Diony did GIFT 2011 at the Gray-Institute, is a Fellow in Applied Functional Science and is studying Physical Therapy at the University in Cyprus right now.
We see her as a very talented and driven woman and we are honoured to have her in our team.

I am based in Cyprus and privileged to be a member of the Act2Prevent team. My career in the fitness industry began in the UK in 2007, but over the years my practice has shifted from a 'training for fitness' approach to training for injury prevention and rehabilitation.
I have been exercising my whole life and suffered multiple chronic injuries throughout the years, until the point when I got involved with Applied Functional Science. My studies in AFS helped me deal with my chronic pains and train myself more effectively to keep injuries at bay. As the first and currently the only GIFT fellow in Cyprus, I am trying to make a difference by challenging the fitness and rehabilitation perspective with new techniques and methods of exercise directed at the body as a whole instead of individual, isolated body parts.
My clients are people who have suffered from acute or chronic pains in the past and their current goals are primarily injury prevention, but also fitness and wellbeing. My goal is to resolve their body asymmetries and movement limitations through manual techniques and 3D movement, to get them moving and functioning better in their everyday activities.
I am also currently a student in Physiotherapy. With my degree I aim to learn new techniques and apply my knowledge of AFS and Chain Reaction to enrich them and incorporate them to compliment my current practice.

Diony Klokkari

Contact Diony: +35 (0) 799 864502

Marie Nilsson

Act2Prevent 3D Lifestyle - Trainer

My deepest passion lies in guiding clients to a healthier and happier lifestyle via changes or adaptations in their training & eating habits.
My mission is to help create sustainable patterns and a balance that can be held throughout life without deprivation.
Our food-choices are shaping our bodies as well as movement-or lack of movement- is doing the same. Posture can be directly linked to a persons state of mind, and if not thought of or up- regulated this can cause problems and a lot of un-necessary suffering. It is that body-mind link I love most with my job. Working with a clients asymmetries and restoring freedom of movement has a huge impact on how a person feels. Especially when it comes to rehabilitation and breaking unhealthy movement-patterns.

I see continuous education as an obligation towards both myself and my clients.
My studies with PTA Global and attending their Mentorship's opened so many doors and changed my career tremendously, by going deeper into functional anatomy & biomechanics,3 dimensional training as well as effectively adapting a training depending on a persons emotional state, and life style.
I have done my studies in nutrition by Oxford College, that has given me a very wide view of the subject. My fascination over food and it's effect on health keeps me in constant research for more knowledge.

Marie is educated in both 'movement' as 'nutrition' and will be available for you as a Act2Prevent 3D Lifestyle - Trainer. She is born in Sweden but lives currently in Brussels, speaks English, French and Swedish.

Contact Marie: +32 (0) 498 75.31.85

Thorbjorn De Brul

In 2011 podiatrist Thorbjorn De Brul joined our Act2Prevent team. We are convinced of his professionalism and value in the 'causal' search and treatment of physical complaints and injuries.
More info on

Functional Fitness Coach Soccer/Football

On January 5th 2013 Act2Prevent starts with its training course 'Functional Fitness Coach Soccer/football', to educate and develop 'functional fitness specialists' within soccer/football.
The training course is divided into 'Recrea' (1 day) and 'Pro' (8 days) so the candidate can choose according to his/her ambition to work within a recreational or professional framework.

The 'Functional Fitness Coach Soccer/Football - Recrea' understands:

- the basic principles and applications of the physical/cardiovascular stimulus, specific to soccer/football
- the 3D movements of the body and how this concept impacts the training /practice, warming-up, injury prevention, ...
- the principle of 'mostability'
- the 'load to unload' principle of the body in soccer/football and its influence on abdominal training, flexibility, ... the basis of functional strength training
- functional flexibility for soccer/football within a recreational framework + practice
- functional strength training for soccer/football within a recreational framework + practice
- ...

The 'Functional Fitness Coach Football - Recrea' commits to share the learned principles and insights with his/her soccer/football club, colleagues and players as the ultimate goal is to help the recreational soccer/football player to play safer and better.
When the 05/01/2013 course is completed, we will publish the successful participants 'Functional Fitness Coach Football - Recrea' on our website.

The 'Functional Fitness Coach Soccer/Football - PRO' understands:

- the details and applications of the physical/cardiovascular stimulus (testing, monitoring, interpretation and adjustment) within a professional framework.
- the 3D movements of the body and how this concept impacts the training /practice, warming-up, injury prevention, ...
- the principle of 'mostability' and its applications within the gym and on the field
- the 'load to unload' principle of the body in soccer/football and its influence on abdominal training, flexibility, ... the basis of functional strength training + extras ...
- why the proprioceptors ( nervous system ) determine whether a movement is 'functional' or not
- functional flexibility for soccer/football within a professional framework + practice
- functional strength training for soccer/football within a professional framework + practice
- ... and thinks along in the physical screening of the footballer, both in the area of injury prevention and performance
- how the soccer/football player can train all important physical components he/she needs in a functional way
- the importance to share his/her knowledge with the soccer/football players and soccer/football clubs
- the influence of 'lifestyle' on the performance of the soccer/football player
- The movement based assessment for football, presented by Ben Cormack (UK), May 25-26th 2013
- ...

The 'Functional Fitness Coach Soccer/Football - Pro' commits to share the learned principles, insights and skills with his/her club, colleagues and players as the ultimate aim is to help the professional soccer/football player to play safer and better.
The Functional Fitness Coach Soccer/Football - Pro is THE sports-professional who can work in a very functional way with soccer/football players at the highest level.

"A never ending story" of learning!
The Functional Fitness Coach Soccer/Football - PRO course doesn't end after 8 days! It requires from the participants a constant training and search for 'the very best'. Act2Prevent informs and provides the participants with necessary updates, innovative developments, engaging contacts/experts at home and abroad, external training, ... and has the intentions to organise additional courses.
We see this as an obligation to ourselves and to the people we work with ... to increase the level of coaching.

In 2013 you will be able to find the list with certified Act2Prevent 'Functional Fitness Coaches Soccer/Football' on our website.
Are you, as a club or organization, interested in the know-how or expertise of these specialists, feel free to contact them directly through this contact list.