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Are you looking for a physical therapy rehabilitation center where the medical professional can help you in a logic and natural way? Act2prevent is one of the physical rehabilitation centers where we help our clients by using the principles of 'Applied Functional Science', with special thanks to Gary Gray and Dave Tiberio of the Gray Institute. So if you need sports injury rehabilitation, ankle sprain rehabilitation, rotator cuff rehabilitation or other help, just let us know and we will give you an idea what we can do for you.

Are Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries epidemic in soccer?

Rehabilitate in a way the body works and gain a lot of time! With fun, natural movements and a lot of variations we bring you back to your old and perhaps best level ever! Live the experience!
Rehabilitate actively addressing the cause of the injury.

Your body will be grateful!

When you are not living in the neighbourhood but want to enjoy the insights of AFS, just take a look to our educational 'home' programs, also very useful for trainers and coaches.

Principles of 'Applied Functional Science'

- The body works like a chain
- The body works in 3D
- 'Load to unload'
- Gravity, ground reaction forces and momentum
- 'Drivers' from above and below
- ...

My studies at the Gray Institute in Adrian, Michigan (USA) have brought me other insights which help in preventive aspects, training and rehabilitation.

Work as the body works!

The principles of AFS are relatively new to us (in Europe) but have been applied and adapted for over 25 years by Gary Gray, David Tiberio and the team of the Gray-Institute.
So we don't see it as 'something new' or a 'trend' but as something that is and will remain and we use our insights on the functioning of the body to train or rehabilitate in a natural and logical way.

We will definitely not become old enough to fully understand the body but we are going to apply the basic principles of AFS as much as possible to achieve the best results in terms of prevention, training and rehabilitation.
What can we learn from the Cybex test for (professional) soccer players? Or not learn?
Stability training for soccer players...a different point of view.

Why? Why? Why?

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves more often what we are doing, just like a 5 year old that keeps on asking: why, why, why?

If we ask ourselves this question more often when we choose for a certain exercise or action, we most likely obtain a more logical answer and if we don't find an answer, why should we perform the exercise or action any longer?

Asking 'why' will help us to work more qualitatively and logically.
What can we learn from the Cybex test for (professional) soccer players? Or not learn?
Solution for overuse injuries in sports?

3D- dynamic stretching

We are going to stretch not only as prevention against injuries (and therefore incorporate in our training), but also as a manner of rehabilitation, to ensure that all segments in our body move and work optimally. A lot of overuse injuries are often caused by movement restrictions and through our stretching, we provide more movement. We therefore use of a 'true-stretch'.

3D functional stretching with 'True-stretch-station'.

The benefit of stretching is often discussed and the opinions vary. We have taken the position that 3D and dynamic stretching in function of your sport/activity has more benefits than 1D-static stretching in a way which has nothing to do with your sport/activity. We believe that athletes when stretching correctly will benefit from it very rapidly.
Functional stretching for youth soccer players
Functional stretching program for running, soccer, basketball and volleybal

DVD: 'Injury prevention and strength training by mobility and flexibility'

Because we want to share our vision and insights with as many people as possible, we will release in August 2010 a DVD aiming at soccer clubs, coaches and players. It is an educational video in which we give examples on how we can apply the principles of AFS in the soccer world (and beyond).
As the title indicates, applying this material will result in less avoidable injuries and the training sessions will become more specific and target oriented.
We focus primarily to the soccer world but the principles of the DVD can be perfectly used in other sports as well.

Database of 70 functional exercises.
Functional abdominal training for soccer goalkeepers
What can we learn from the Cybex test for (professional) soccer players? Or not learn?

With pride we can inform you that from 2012 onwards Podiatrist Thorbjorn De Brul will join our Physiotherapy and Training studio.

For whom 'Podiatry' is still relatively unknown (and unloved) ... a bit of extra information:

Podiatry is derived from the Greek pous (Gen. podos) which means foot. So literally translated Podiatry means foot science. A Podiatrist is a chiropodist, a foot specialist. A Podiatrist can recognize and treat foot and ankle disorders as well as posture complaints that might be related to the foot.

Podoatry is the science dealing with the structure, function and the physiopathology of the foot and this in relation to the upper segments. Also higher situated complaints, such as knee, hip and back pain, which have their cause at the foot, are part of the expertise of the Podiatrist.

A Podiatrist is a paramedic who, after referral of a doctor or physician / specialist, examines patients with complaints at the level of the foot and treats them, if necessary. These complaints may be at the level of the skin and nails of the foot, but may also be complaints of the musculoskeletal system.

Even though the profession Podiatry already exists for some time, still it currently does not have its own nomenclature numbers in Belgium, as it is the case for doctors, physiotherapists,... This means that there is in principle no refund when consulting a Podiatrist.

The Fat Decimator System

Combination Personal Training - Physiotherapy - Podiatry

The advantage for you is the ability to combine Personal Training or Physiotherapy of Act2Prevent!

Cause of injuries!

Podiatry perfectly fits our goals when searching for the cause of injuries. If a movement (or the lack of it) in the foot is the cause of an upper overuse injury (e.g. periostitis), you can treat symptomatic (e.g. ice, anti-inflammatory, medication, injections, etc.) ... or you can work through foot corrections at the cause.
If you know what our vision is in treating repetitive overuse injuries, you might have a good idea of which 'strategy' we prefer.
When appropriate, a colleague certified in Applied Functional Science will continue the 'screening' to determine if there might be other factors impacting the injury.


Podiatrist Thorbjorn De Brul will be present at our Personal Training Studio in Sint-Katelijne-Waver (Lagerheide 5), Mechelen, Belgium on Saturday from 8 AM to 2 PM. Examinations typically last 90 minutes.