Act2 scan your health

Act2Prevent: Have your general health condition measured with Interstitial Scanning (EIS)

The Interstitial Scan (EIS): What?

Through an easily executable and non-invasive measurement the customer gets a better view of his / her general health condition. Several screenshots will show an overview of hormones, minerals, water retention, deficiency of nutrients, etc. Also one can see the adaptations of the body after training or after adjusting / improving nutrition. The scan provides a full body composition, estimates your acid-base balance in interstitial fluid and cell tissues, ... It can be used for personalized diet and micro nutrition recommendations and much more.

The Interstitial Scan (EIS): How does it work?

The EIS converts electrical signals (1.26V) in numerical order to examine 22 different body tissue compartments. The measurement takes place using 6 electrodes (two on the forehead, 2 at the feet and 2 at the hands) connected to 1 interface. A USB cable connects the device to a laptop or PC. The duration of the measurement is approximately 3 minutes and the result shows by a stunning 3D software: a full body condition at glance!

The Interstitial Scan (EIS): Advantages

It is a wonderful device which can support other therapies and can immediately check their effect. Ideal for people who intend to exercise, live healthier, adapt their nutrition... and want to know how they are doing at the beginning, intermediately or at the end of the program / coaching.

The Interstitial Scan (EIS): for whom?

For anyone who wants to get an idea about his / her general health condition without complex testing or long queues. One can easily compare 2 or more measurements which makes it perfect to verify if improvements can be noticed in the body due to better nutrition, more exercising, less stress, better heart function or ...

The Interstitial Scan (EIS): Do the test!

Performing the test is not site specific and takes about 1 hour per person the first time and 30 minutes for re-testing. The measurement takes about 3 minutes, the remaining time is used for interpretation, advice, and sometimes referring (the measurement does NOT replace a diagnosis of a medical doctor). Follow up by training or coaching is always possible but not required.

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