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Are you part of the soccer world as a soccer player or by coaching soccer?
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Dear Willem,

Just a quick note to let you know I got through the entire injury prevention and strength training by mobility and flexibility video. Flat out awesome job.
We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness with respect to your remarks at the beginning of the video. I believe you did just a really good job making it very clear and easy to follow along.
Even without the subtitles, I truly believe I would know what you're saying because you said it so well.

Gary Gray, PT,

Stability training for soccer players...a different point of view.

Soccer education

At this page we share the possibilities for you, as a soccer trainer, soccer coach or soccer player, ... to educate yourself in injury prevention, strength training, flexibility training in soccer.
We already have our online soccer programs and the soccer DVD: Injury prevention and strength training by mobility and flexibility that will give you the opportunity to educate yourself without direct contact with the Act2Prevent teammembers.
Check them out and discover why they are so special!

What can we learn from the Cybex test for (professional) soccer players? Or not learn?
Are Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries epidemic in soccer?


Our online soccer programs concern soccer injuries and how to prevent them, a flexibility program and we are working hard to finish our strength program in soccer. The main goal is to prevent injuries in soccer and enhance better performance in playing soccer . Thereby we are aiming with our online soccer programs for those who are working or playing in youth soccer, girls or men's soccer, no matter what level. Injury prevention should be an important piece of coaching soccer and it is our pleasure if we can help achieving better results and performance.

Functional stretching for youth soccer players.

Why Act2Prevent?

We had our education in 'Applied Functional Science' at the Gray-Institute, Adrian and use the principles, strategies and techniques in our educational materials.
Starting with the principles of AFS makes that we bring more logic into our programs and close the gap between the training and the task as much as possible.
Want to know more about the Gray- Institute and its expertise?
Join the 'Applied Functional Science Symposium' in Chicago, October 7-8 2011, Act2Prevent will present a topic.

The Fat Decimator System

Act2Prevent at your soccer club?

If you want to meet the Act2Prevent- teammembers, experience the educational skills and the unique content in real life, please contact us.
It is our pleasure to share our expertise with soccer trainers, players and clubs of all levels.
We can offer soccer education and training demo's for big or smaller groups.

Soccer education and training demo's

Act2Prevent and its teammembers is giving courses, seminars and training demo's all over the world, with invitations from Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Dubaï (UAE), Antwerpen (Belgium), Madrid (Spain), Chicago (USA) and we are expanding more and more to other countries.
We already have the topic 'Injury prevention and strength training by mobility and flexibility' ready for you, a complete day or 2 day course to educate soccer coaches, physiotherapist, rehab trainers, ... and share unique insights and techniques with the attendees.
We prefer to educate by combining the theoretical part with practice ... because what you feel yourself will help you to remember longer!
Act2Prevent: Education/course for soccer coaches, clubs, players,...

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Only praise and good comments about the training/education day ' Injury Prevention and strength training by ' mobility and flexibility. Too often we are trying to get stronger in movements that have, after thinking it over, nothing to do with our sport, ...with the result that during the exercises or our sports the body doesn't recognises that movements, which can lead to injuries. In this course you get a whole package of functional exercises where you will develop the body through sport specific exercises. In addition to the stiff muscles the day afterwards because of the practical part, you will have a very pretty picture where you should look for preparing soccer. By trying it out yourself ... and feeling, you will learn more, this is why I liked the practical part ! Willem brings a beautiful, (for us) new idea forward and I will follow him in the future ... continuing to develop myself .
Dies diem docet
"We are never finished learning"

De Roeck Tom
Trainer VC Eendracht Aalst 2002
National U15

Hello Willem,
I use the exercises daily in my practice, sometimes adapted and 'tweaked' to other sports or working conditions.
Also great as 'homework'-exercises.
Excellent course, great DVD !!!

Kind Regards,
Marc Vierendeels, Physiotherapist

Attended Willem's course today at FC Duffel in Belgium. I would recommend this course to football coaches, players, etc. Really an eye-opener for people who are still using static stretches as a warm-up and have their players working with fitness equipment while they are sitting. Applied Functional Science definately makes sense.
Dennis Meier, soccer coach FC Eindhoven, Netherlands, owner ' Dennis Meier Football School

Hey Willem. I want to thank you for Tuesday! I found it very fascinating, and my view on this topic is totally changed!

Jeroen Delannoi, student Physiotherapy, University Leuven, Belgium

Today I had a really 'TOP' training day: 'Injury Prevention and Strength Training by mobility and flexibility'. It was a fantastic education day with special thanks to Willem Timmermans.

Luc Smets, Business Owner 'Sport & Health Care', physiotherapist at Antwerp FC, 2nd Division Belgium

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New course for 2013!!!

Functional Fitness Coach Soccer

Act2Prevent starts in 2013 with a brand new training course which, unlike our daily courses, will take several days.
With 'Functional Fitness Coach Soccer' Act2Prevent accepts the challenge to ensure that the participants develop themselves into 'specialists' in training and coaching soccer players in the physical portion, keeping the holistic aspect of 'football' in mind.
We aim for a very high quality level, ask a large engagement, interaction and teamwork of the participants with a unique learning environment as target.
The course Functional 'FCS' (Fitness Coach Soccer) is split into 'FCS-Recrea' and 'FCS- PRO' so that you, as a soccer coach or trainer, can decide for yourself how deep you want to go into the topic.
If you are very ambitious and you would like to change the current deficits in training football players into a positive outcome, please contact us.

'Functional Fitness Coach Soccer - recrea'

Maybe you participated into an earlier education in the physical preparation of the soccer player but the content was not clear to you or had the idea that the link with soccer was missing or was not practical enough ... or just ... very difficult to apply?
Or do you have notions of all the physical components that a soccer player needs to train but you miss the details or the complete picture?
On day 1 we apply our content to the training and coaching of 'recreational soccer players' and we focus on the main insights and techniques that you can apply with limited budgets or facilities. It is our goal to provide accessible information which is applicable and, above all, very understandable, not only for the coach but also for the football player.
The 'Functional Fitness Coach Soccer - Recrea' understands at the end of the day the needs of the recreational soccer player and is capable to share, in a simple way, the most up-to-date techniques from the fitness world with the players.
The 'Functional FCS-Recrea' commits him/herself to provide his/her players and club with exercises which initially bring logic to the body and which are also linked to the sport specific needs of recreational football. The 'Functional FCS - Recrea' is able to assess the current exercises and follow-up methods in football and has the necessary knowledge and insights to make a selection of what is effectively 'functional ... for football'!
The 'FCS-Recrea' can participate in a number of 'open' training days of the 'FCS-PRO - training'.

'Functional FCV - Recrea': For whom?
Driven and dynamic people who want to be proficient in the sport specific fitness guidance of the recreational football player.
Soccer Coaches who want to broaden their knowledge in the physical development of recreational soccer players.
Strength and conditioning coaches, physical coaches, rehabilitation specialists soccer
Medical care providers who wish to specialize in strength training, flexibility training, injury prevention, ...

'Functional FCV - Recrea': content?
See below

'Functional Fitness Coach Soccer - PRO'

Act2Prevent commits to ensure that the participants develop themselves into 'professional fitness specialists' in guiding football players, with full attention to the holistic aspect of 'playing football'. Goal is that participants have the qualities to guide and train football players at the highest level in a professional and sport specific way.
We will work towards a very high quality course and ask a large commitment, self study, interaction and teamwork of the participants with a unique learning environment as target. In addition, there is still a lot of room in the development of 'functional training programs for football', especially in topics like 'injury prevention', 'functional screening for soccer',... You can't benefit from the best player in the world ... if he is injured.
The 'Functional FCS- PROfessional' trained by Act2Prevent is not authorised for medical acts but can be very supportive and can bring innovative added value in the health and the 'Sports Specific Performance' of the soccer player.
The education 'Functional FCS - PRO' challenges the participants in thinking within the concept of 'soccer-oriented fitness' and also to be aware of the latest developments. Act2Prevent ensures professional incentives, qualitative contacts from the various disciplines ... and the necessary challenges and learning environment, so that you can develop into a Functional FCS-PRO!
Your progression does not stop after our training and we ask a professional attitude and the intention to become a better coach each day. For that reason, the group will be kept informed of updates, events, brainstorm sessions, ed. If you are very ambitious and you would like to change the current deficits in training football players into a positive outcome, please contact us.

'Functional FCV - PRO': For whom?
Driven and dynamic people who want to be proficient in the sport specific fitness guidance within a professional framework.
Ambitious Soccer Coaches who want to broaden their knowledge in the physical development of 'professional soccer players', and want to introduce and apply our techniques at the highest level.
Strength and conditioning coaches, physical coaches, rehabilitation specialists soccer
Medical care providers who wish to specialize in strength training, flexibility training, injury prevention, testing and screening of the professional soccer player, ... (Former education in Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Physical Education, Osteopathy and Soccer Education are an added value.)
By showing interest in this course, you will receive a questionnaire so that we can picture your personal situation and how we can respond to this in the most effective way.

'Functional FCV - PRO': Content
Cardiovasculair testing & follow-up within a professional framework.

Polar Team2 training system

Functional strength training 'for football', indoor and outdoor + practice.
Functional Flexibility 'for football', indoor and outdoor + practice.
Injury prevention, recovery, nutrition ... in relation to soccer.
Personal Development of the soccer player Transform yourself into an atlete
Medical Screening of the soccer player.
... + updates

The content is spread over multiple weekends.
The course 'Functional Fitness Coach Soccer PRO' consists of a combination of theoretical preparation with practical portion at the end. The practical portion will be a workshop and requires active participation (like giving training sessions) of the participant.

'Functional FCV - PRO': Extra's
We also bring you in contact with specialists from home and abroad. That's why a basis of the English language is required. As a student in 'FCV-PRO' you will receive a $199 tutorial tool. This is tested (please bring your laptop with you) and provided to you on day 1, along with some homework.
Some training days are open for externals, meaning also for participants who do not commit themselves to the whole course 'FCV-PRO'.
We are proud to announce, as part of Functional Fitness Coach Soccer - PRO, Ben Cormack with his course: 'The movement based assessment for football program', May 25-26th 2013

Ben Cormack is the founder of Cor-Kinetic. He is a world-renowned educator, researcher and international presenter/speaker. Ben has been involved with elite sports and rehabilitation for over a decade.
He has taught and mentored many trainers, physiotherapists and osteopaths in the functional approach to movement, training and rehabilitation. Ben has presented across the globe both independently and conference based. He continues to do this on an ongoing basis through the education arm of Cor-kinetic.
Ben uses cutting edge assessment and training techniques based around his principles derived from his extensive education and his global experience.
Ben has studied with Gary Gray and Dr David Tiberio at the Gray Institute in the US. He is a graduate of their GIFT program. He also is a regular contributor to the global leader in fitness education website, PTon the Net. He has written numerous research articles and audio presentations on a wide range of subjects.
He has helped both professional athletes and members of the public back to full fitness to achieve their ultimate goals from the depths of debilitating problems.
Ben Cormack has worked with various Premiership football clubs, title winning professional boxers and elite endurance athletes amongst a host of different sporting disciplines.

The movement based assessment for football program is a comprehensive course providing the participant with all the skills needed to successfully assess, rehabilitate and train the footballer in a functionally authentic way.

The course has been hosted at various premiership clubs and has been attended by participants from Chelsea FC, Manchester city FC, Aston Villa FC, Fulham FC, Sunderland FC, Newcastle FC, Middlesbrough FC and Rangers FC. This will be a unique opportunity to attend this course outside of the UK and is the first time this will have been done.

For more details, contact us at
This is tested (please bring your laptop with you) and provided to you on day 1, along with some homework.Some training days are open for externals, meaning also for participants who do not commit themselves to the whole course 'Functional FCV-PRO'.

Youth Soccer Coach Training Course: Juniors F

Why specific Juniors F, 5 - 8 year old soccer players?
From 2012 onwards, Willem Timmermans and Act2Prevent start organizing training courses for youth soccer coaches who wish to specialize in coaching the very youngest, i.e. Juniors F, this means the 5 to 8 year old soccer youth players. We are convinced that our youngest soccer players establish an important foundation at that age however; we notice in reality that, despite a large commitment of their coaches, there are only few coaches specialized in this age group.
In addition, most clubs position their soccer coaches starting from the oldest age groups and ultimately juniors F often get the least experienced coaches.
We also notice that there is sometimes little interest from the soccer coaches in coaching juniors F (possibly because establishing a foundation at that age requires a good strategy, structure and detail coaching) and that training courses for junior F coaches are not really part of the current portfolio. For that reason we want to meet the demand and from 2012 onwards we start organizing training courses for soccer coaches, specifically for those who want to get skilled and specialized in coaching the youngest in soccer.

Youth soccer coach /Juniors F expert Willem Timmermans?
Certainly within the soccer world it is risky to call yourself an expert since the opinions with respect to coaching players, the game itself and its results are very far apart. For that reason we add a question mark and we propose to judge yourself whether your participation in the soccer training course adds (added) value in specializing in junior F soccer. In any way we provide a number of facts that give you an idea what you can expect from the instructor Willem Timmermans, his vision and how he can help you, your youth soccer club and especially your players in the development towards a better education.

The Fat Decimator System

Who is giving the coaching classes?
Willem Timmermans

Owner of a UEFA B - license
Creator of the soccer DVD: 'Injury Prevention and Strength Training by Mobility and Flexibility'
20 years of experience as a youth soccer coach at all levels and ages, started at regional level, ended at national level (national U8 KV Mechelen, 1st division Belgium)
10 years of experience in coaching youth soccer ( 5-8 years old ), last years on highest level in Belgium
Head Long Term Physical Development KV Mechelen (2010)

There are many different visions concerning educating young soccer players and we could discuss for hours. Without judging about what is good or less good you may expect the following viewpoint in our junior F training courses for soccer coaches:

Willem Timmermans: Coaching U6-U8 is truly an art in itself. Very often we notice that our youngest soccer players are coached by the least experienced coaches, who start their mission with the necessary passion, however miss that important feeling with the specific requirements these players demand. In that sense we often notice that these children of 5 to 8 years old get 'adult' training sessions and soccer drills while their age and their soccer specific qualities require a totally different approach.
My experience in coaching soccer players of all levels has taught me that we can get so much more from our soccer drills if we respect a good structure and value the juniors F soccer well within the overall youth soccer development. As adults we often 'dream ' about perfect ball circulation and smooth combinations while these children have difficulties controlling the ball and are not able to pass an opponent smoothly and with a lot of creativity. Our great example is the late Wiel Coërver( Dutch soccer coach ) who has proven already long time ago that there are so many opportunities in junior soccer coaching of 5 years old players and older. Controlling the ball, fun and creativity are key at that age!
In the current curriculum for soccer coach is unfortunately (too) little time spent on 'establishing the foundation' and 'detail coaching' so that the most ambitious coaches prefer coaching older players compared to coaching a 5/6 -year-old who just made his/her first steps into soccer.
Because 'someone' has to work on the extremely important foundation we urgently need within our soccer coach curriculum a team of experts who can use their commitment and motivation with the much-needed vision. In that way we can guarantee every child gets the quality start it deserves in youth soccer!

It is our goal with our specific junior F coaching course to meet the needs from the soccer coach curriculum, the youth soccer clubs and the soccer coaches.


Contents of our Junior F soccer coach training course?
How do I start the soccer pre-season? How do I start the 1st Juniors F soccer training session? How do I include progression in the soccer training and how do I progress further on in the season?
What progression can I expect of a youth soccer player of that age?
How can I as a soccer coach add as much value as possible in the progression of the young soccer player?
Might a child learn more than I think or expect as a soccer coach?
What is a realistic soccer performance for a junior F on his/her age?
How to create as much ball touches as possible in every training session?
How do I use my time most efficiently and how do I avoid 'passive' moments?
Stop the ball or 'control' the ball?
Why basic techniques and passing/dribbling the opponent prevail on 'team play' at that age?
Which basic techniques are essential to ensure that every child has much FUN when playing soccer?
What is 'a dribbling minute' and what are the benefits? Are there also disadvantages?
Why is every warming up prior to the match a training session? How do I gain time?
What is detail coaching and how do I apply it in this age group ?
Which soccer terminology do I use in my coaching and why?
Why does every child need at least 1 own ball? Use of 'soccer pal', ... homework, ...

Advantage of our ' junior F soccer coach training courses for youth soccer clubs?
We already experienced that even for our 1st league clubs it is a difficult mission to find skilled youth soccer coaches who have interest and feeling with this age group. So we can imagine how hard it must be for lower division/smaller youth clubs to find excellent coaches for youth soccer players of that age.
Since the candidates for junior F youth soccer coaching are very limited and often the less experienced or even novice coaches apply, we want to help the youth soccer clubs in this way by educating their junior F coaches.
In our coaching classes we provide the junior F coach(es) the necessary skills and timeline in order to coach our youngest soccer players with the required know-how to make them TOP!
If you, as a youth soccer club, are already interested to refer your junior F coach(es) to our soccer coach training course, contact us or subscribe just below and we will inform you about our next training course.

Advantage for the junior F youth soccer coach? Our coaching classes puts you in 'pole position' to become expert in this age group. We love to share our experience and expertise so that you can get more out of yourself and your young soccer players. Since the number of experts is limited, it is an ideal opportunity for you, as a motivated soccer coach, to differentiate you from others and to grow within your soccer club or the soccer world in general. We probably don't need to convince you that the main advantage is the progression of your young soccer players, who are representing your excellent junior F coaching and guidance.

For whom?
Youth soccer clubs who want their junior F youth soccer coaches to enjoy a specific course for their age group.
Soccer coaches who wish to become experts in junior F soccer coaching, having the very best youth soccer drills.
Youth Development Directors who wish to bring structure in the soccer coaching starting with the youngest age groups.
The novice junior F soccer coach who wants to get more insight in the age-specific and unique soccer-path of a 5-8 year old soccer player.
The more experienced soccer coach who wishes to improve his/her skills with the specifics of junior F coaching and is interested in improving detail coaching.

More information about our youth soccer coach courses
Location: to be defined
Date: There is no new date for the time being, however feel free to contact us. When you are interested, we inform you personally. Subscribe below

2 trainingtools combined: fitlight trainer and quick feet trainer. The player needs to turn out the light as quick as possible kicking the ball against the right panel.
More about the 'quick feet trainer'?
More about the 'fitlight trainer'?

Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM
Participation fee: 65 euro
Are you still a high school student or are you joining with multiple youth coaches from the same soccer club, don't hesitate to request our special conditions.